After shedding 3st in three months, BB11 champ Josie reveals how she got in the best shape of her life

Big Brother 11 winner Josie Gibson is now a size 12-14 and has dropped 3st in three months by hitting the gym four times a week and eating a delivery diet.

Josie‘s boyfriend John James Parton loves her whatever her size, of course.

Josie Gibson’s Weight Loss Secrets

Remember it’s not just a diet – it’s a lifestyle change.
Eat healthy, small meals regularly. Don’t skip any meals – you need food for energy.
Do interval exercises and circuits to see quicker results.
If you can’t get a good personal trainer, watch personal trainer demos on YouTube.
Treat yourself now and again so that you don’t binge.

Josie’s training

3-4 one-hour weekly sessions:
Three-minute warm-up
Interval training – 45 seconds hard sprinting with 1 minute jogging. Repeat six times.
Weighted squats, lunges, press-ups, skipping, boxing
Medicine ball stomach work

Josie’s Go Lower diet plan costs from £7.50 for three daily meals, including:

Day 1
Breakfast: Granola with natural yogurt and strawberries
Snack: Go Lower coconut bar
Lunch: Broccoli and Shropshire blue cheese soup
Dinner: Pea and pancetta soup
Pudding: Go Lower chocolate brownie

Day 2
Breakfast: Granola with natural yogurt and strawberries
Snack: Smoky bacon crunch
Lunch: Broccoli and cheese soup
Dinner: Beef in thyme gravy with cauliflower cheese
Treat: Go Lower choc-coated Brazil nuts

Day 3
Breakfast: Granola with natural yogurt and strawberries
Snack: Go Lower coconut bar
Lunch: Spicy salami with green salad and Go Lower vinaigrette
Dinner: Thai prawn curry with garlic butter asparagus
Pudding: Go Lower brownie

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