The 2007 winner, Brian Belo, is set to enter the Big Brother house and is looking for love

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Former Big Brother winner Brian Belo is set to make a dramatic return to the house

Marc O’Neil better watch out. The Irish hunk will have tough competition when Brian Belo enters the Big Brother house.

Brian has revealed he fancies housemate Jade-Martina Lynch and is planning to make a beeline for her.

Speaking exclusively to Now, Brian said: ‘I think I will click with Jade, you want to get the girls on side and from what I can tell there is not many hot ones left.

‘I’m single and I’d like a summer romance and I fancy Jade.’

Brian, 27, has also said he would have sex in the house if the urge takes him.

‘My mum knows I have sex so she might as well watch it on TV. It was different in my day no one was having sex on TV in my day now it is normal.’

Nicola McLean and Brian Belo | Now Christmas party | Celebrity news | Pictures

Essex pals Nicola McLean and Brian Belo | Now | Pictures

It was last minute that Essex lad Brian decided to reenter the house.

The star walked away as winner in 2007 when he was just 19.

‘I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it at first because I thought I’d closed the door on that chapter of my life.

‘I won it eight years ago and felt like so much has happened and Big Brother is now for a new generation, I’ve moved on, Big Brother’s moved on.

‘I’m excited, nervous and feeling apprehensive.’

The reality star says although he has seen just three episodes of the current show he wants to shake things up in the house.

‘They need banter, Big Brother is all about banter,’ he said.

‘The problem is they are all in there for their individual game and BB is not about that. You have got to come together in some form as a group, so I will be going in there to give it more of a party vibe.’

Big Brother romances - Amanda and Brian (series 8)

Brian wooed Amanda in series 8 and now has his sights set on Jade

He also said he will be hand to give advice to some of the younger housemates.

‘I’ve done the show and won the show, so who will they be going to for advice in there? If they are resentful of me. I will deal with that as I do with negativity and think well you are allowed your opinion but I will hold my own.

‘I am not going to be one of those people screaming. You will not get that out of me.’
Brian also said he was excited about which former housemates he would be entering the house with, but said he did not want to see Helen Wood.

‘I would not want to be in with Helen Wood,’ he added.

‘From what I saw of her she is always having rows and it would be too much for me someone who argues all the time. I’m a bloke but she seems scary. I would not want to live with her.’

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