Lateysha has split opinion over whether or not she should have gone into the house


When Lateysha Grace decided to take up the offer to appear on Big Brother, she knew she’d have to leave her nine-month-old daughter at home. And her decision has split opinion – with some viewers slamming her choice to go into the house while baby Wynter is still so young.

Lateysha has split opinion over her decision to enter the house

‘So lateysha left her 9 month old baby to come on this show. Wow desperate,’ one irate viewer tweeted. Another commented: ‘Hasn’t lateysha got a baby? Who’s looking after the child whilst you swan around on tv?!! #notapproving #BBUK’


The reality star – who found fame on TV show The Valleys that ran from 2012 to 2014 – faced further criticism when she failed to talk about Wynter in the VT or to the show’s host Emma Willis.

But others have backed Lateysha up – citing the fact she’s using the show to earn money for her daughter. ‘Leave her alone, she’s making a better life isn’t she?’ one supporter wrote.

This year’s show, which launched on Tuesday, has a major twist – with ‘the others’ conspiring to take down housemates and steal their place in the show. And they’re not mad, they just want a chance to get their hands on the £100,000 prize.


And if that wasn’t dramatic enough, the housemates and ‘the others’ have NO idea they’re connected to each other in anyway. And when those connections come out…well, let’s just say there are going to be fireworks. And a lot of them.

Big Brother continues tonight: 9pm on Channel 5.