We're thinking this little one is going to be a heartbreaker already…

One of the biggest decisions in life has to be, ‘What are you going to name your children?’

What’s going to sound good throughout their whole life? What’s going to suit them? What name ensures that they’re not going to picked on in the playground? And from where we’re sitting former TOWIE star Billi Mucklow and Andy Carroll have totally nailed it!

The pair, who welcomed their first child to the world on Monday, announced the news of their lil’ one’s name on their social media and posted a picture of their adorable boy surrounded by his name written in flowers.

Awww, Arlo Thomas is so sweet!

So what does Arlo mean? Well, we did a little digging on that useful thing called Google and found out…

1. It’s an Italian variant of Charles.
2. It’s also the Spanish word for the ‘barberry tree’ – nope, we have no idea what a barberry tree is either!
3. Arlo is also then Old English variant of Harlow, derived from the Anglo-Saxon words here and hlaw, meaning ‘army hill’. Hum, army hill…right?!

Anyway, a loved-up Billi and Andy announced their exciting news that Arlo had arrived on Monday by posting an adorable black and white picture of the three of them still in hospital.

And just 24 hours later, Billi told the world that they were heading home and posted a snap of Andy carrying the cot with their precious cargo out of hospital.

Andy, who is a father of three, started dating Billi in the summer of 2013 but the couple didn’t go public with their relationship until February the following year.

And by November the pair got engaged after he whisked her off to Rome for a surprise birthday weekend.

In one image posted by Billi, she’s seen standing in front of the Colesseum showing off her diamond ring alongside a caption that read:

‘Last night the Love Of My Life Asked Me To Marry Him – I’m So Happy. You Are My Everything and I Can’t Wait To Be Your Wife! #MrsCarroll.’

Like many other celeb couples, Billi took to Instagram on Christmas Day to announce that she was pregnant by wearing a Christmas jumper with the words ‘making my little pudding.’

Billi, who owns a beauty salon called Beaus and Belles, left Towie in 2013 to open a Bikram Yoga studio.

Billi Mucklow and Andy Carroll head home after welcoming their son – see pictures 

Lydia Southern