It's been just two months since TOWIE's Billie Faiers gave birth to daughter Nelly but she's already almost back in her size skinny jeans. Here's how...

She only gave birth to adorable baby girl Nelly in July, after a gruelling 32-hour labour, but ultimate yummy mummy Billie Faiers is almost back into her size 8 skinny jeans. And the 24-year-old was surprisingly confident about stripping off to her bikini for our shoot in Marbs last week.

Watch Billie’s video with her top 3 post baby weight loss tips, by clicking here

As you can see in our exclusive photos, Billie, who got engaged to baby daddy Greg Shepherd, 27, in February, has snapped back into shape and looks amazing.

So, of course, as she flaunted her curves, we had to find out all of her body secrets, like how she managed to fit a new exercise regime into her hectic schedule of sterilising bottles and changing nappies!

Billie, you look fab! Have you been working hard to get your post-baby body back?

Nelly’s the most important thing. I was lucky because I only really put baby weight on my belly, but the last thing I feel like doing at the moment is going to the gym. If I’m honest, I hate going to the gym.

How do you feel wearing a bikini for us for the first time since giving birth?

It’s a bit daunting – I’m still a little concerned about my belly and I’ve needed to get into poses that are more flattering.

So how has motherhood changed you?

It’s made me so proud – I feel empowered. I love people knowing I’m a mum. It feels good.

How’s Nelly doing?

She’s a really good baby – I haven’t had any problems. Greg gives her a bottle at midnight so I can sleep, then she wakes up again around 3am and it takes me about half an hour to feed her, change her and put her back down again.

We’re going to stick to formula now because she’s taken to it so well. Plus, my milk’s almost dried up. Thank God, because my boobs were ridiculous!

How did your body change?

My boobs are usually a 32G and they went up to 34H. I put on a bit of weight at the top of my legs, the tone went on my arms and my bum felt a bit saggy – but nothing anyone else would notice.

It was only right at the end, when I went overdue, that I swelled up, but I didn’t carry a lot of water weight.

How much weight did you put on?

Throughout the pregnancy I only put on a stone and a half. I was a size 8 and weighed around 8st 7lb before – by the end I was just over 10st and a size 12.

Were you worried about the weight gain?

As my natural shape isn’t tall and skinny – I’m curvy – I did think I might end up looking like a dumpling, but it really wasn’t my first concern when I found out I was pregnant.

Did you have any cravings?

My biggest craving was biscuits. I’d have about four Rich Tea or digestive biscuits, but I was doing that three or four times a day.

I went off fast food completely and the thought of eating meat made me feel ill. I ate a lot of cereal and fruit salads, but if I fancied something, I’d have it – one day I went to the bakery and bought a sausage roll and two cream cakes.

Did you like being curvier?

I hoped my belly would go down quickly and I’d only have to tone up. I hated not feeling toned, but I was so tired and my legs ached so much that all I wanted to do was sit down.

I actually lost weight in the first three months of my pregnancy, so I had a flat stomach for ages and was still wearing my skinny jeans ’til about six months, which was when I reached that horrible in-between stage and just looked a bit fat.

I preferred it when my belly came out and I actually looked pregnant.

So come on, spill, how did you manage to lose your baby weight so quickly?

I rarely get time to myself, so I’ve been doing exercises around the house. When I have a spare five minutes, I do a set of 20 squats and crunches. I do five sets over the course of the day – when I get out of the shower or when Nelly is asleep or playing on her mat.

It sounds like a small thing but they build up. I’m also constantly on my feet and lifting the baby, so I am burning energy and keeping my metabolism moving. And I’ve been doing loads of walking near my house in Brentwood.

Have you been on a diet, too?  

I’ve tried to be careful with my diet. As a mum, I need my energy – I can’t cut out carbs totally and you can’t just eat salad.

Did you get any stretchmarks?

I was lucky, I didn’t get any on my belly. Some people say it’s hereditary and I already had a few thin white lines on my boobs, so I was really careful.

I used loads of Bio-Oil to keep my bump moisturised and slept in a tight vest to keep the oil in. I made sure I never had dry skin. It wouldn’t have mattered if I’d got a few stretchmarks, but I did everything I could to prevent it.

What’s your advice to any new mums struggling to lose weight?

It’s hard to give advice to other mothers because everyone is different and the way you recover depends on your body shape, but after having a baby, it can be hard to eat healthily.

My advice would be to shop for lots of healthy snacks and don’t starve yourself because you just end up bingeing. If the baby’s having a nap or you have five minutes, do a few little exercises – that can make such a difference.

And go for lots of walks – it’s good for the baby to be out in the fresh air and it builds up your confidence as a mother.

Read the full interview with Billie Faiers in this week’s Now magazine dated 15 September 2014 – download the digital edition now!


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