The Mummy Diaries star was tired of being 'Sam's sister'

Billie Faiers has revealed she’s glad to have got rid of being labelled ‘Sam from TOWIE’s sister’ after finding fame in her own right on Mummy Diaries.


Having been engaged to Joey Essex in the early days of TOWIE, it’s no surprise Sam was the more famous of the two sisters. But now Billie and her adorable family – including husband Greg, daughter Nelly and son Arthur – have almost eclipsed Sam’s brood.

While the sister’s share a very close bond, Billie, 29, is ‘proud’ to not be living in her sister Sam’s shadow any more.

‘On TOWIE I was always ‘Sam’s sister’ but now we’re popular in our own right, which does make me proud,’ Billie admitted.


The sisters have found a whole new level of fame from their joint show Sam and Billie Faiers: The Mummy Diaries – which documents their journey through parenthood. And it was something they always dreamed of doing.

She said: ‘For Samantha and I, the dream was always to have our own show. Don’t get me wrong, it comes with its ups and downs but it’s amazing to have achieved our dream and get paid for just being ourselves.

‘People do compare us to the Kardashians, which is really flattering.’

Having tied the knot to Greg Shepherd in an idyllic Maldives wedding back in May, it’s already been an epic year for Billie so far.

But, the mum-of-two confessed fame as its ups and downs and she and Greg will do anything to protect their two children.

‘Now Nelly’s at school we have to be more careful as the older girls watch the show,’ Greg revealed.

Billie added: ‘I wouldn’t ever want her to feel embarrassed about being herself. If Nelly ever said she didn’t want to film or if I felt it was negatively affecting her or Arthur, then I’d take them off the show in a heartbeat.’