Doctor Who fans should look away, says the actress

Billie Piper is terrified of the public response to her new drama The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl.

‘I’m really scared, if I’m honest,’ says Billie.

‘The kids who watched me in Doctor Who shouldn’t watch me in this. It’s not just one sex scene here and there, it’s endless!’

The highly-erotic ITV series sees Billie play high-class prostitute Belle Du Jour, who’s award-winning internet blog detailed every sordid detail of her working life.

Millions have since read Belle’s book, where she prides herself on fulfilling men’s darkest fantasies for cash.

Billie, 25, met the mysterious author in a ‘very cloak and dagger rendezvous’.

‘What surprised me most was how elegant and gorgeous she was,’ Billie tells the Daily Express.

‘I felt so scruffy sitting beside her. She’s a sweet lady. We spent three or four hours chatting. She helped me more than anyone to get a feel for the part and how I had to behave.’

The Secret Diary of a Call Girl starts on ITV2 tonight, 27 September.

Phil Boucher