Actress and husband Laurence Fox plan a large family


Billie Piper and new husband Laurence Fox, 29, are keen to become parents as soon as possible – and are considering adopting.

‘Billie, 25, is one of 4 children and Laurence has a huge extended family,’ says a source.

‘Her dream is her, Laurence and a big brood of kids running around barefoot in their Sussex home with chickens.’

Billie and Laurence married on New Year’s Eve after knowing each other for just a few months – but neither had any doubts about each other and their future.

‘Billie really sees the value in family much more than she did before,’ the source tells The Sun.

‘Her home is a constant flurry of visitors and phone calls, and that’s just how she likes it. She can’t wait to have her own kids to add to the equation.’

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