Actor Billy Bob talks about ex-wife Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie‘s former husband Billy Bob Thornton is sure the Hollywood star has blotted out the tattoo of his name on her arm to please partner Brad Pitt.

Billy Bob has had a few amendments made to his own tats, too.

Angelina covered up my name. I’m sure Brad doesn’t want to look at my name every night,’ says the 55-year-old, whose marriage to Ange in 2000 lasted 2 years.

I’ve had a few covered up. Usually names, like an old girlfriend when you get a new girlfriend and she’s like, “Who’s that?”‘

Billy Bob and Ange were reported to have worn one another’s blood in vials around their necks before their split, but he insists it wasn’t as gruesome as it sounds.

They were clear lockets, for a start, and never vials, and they had one drop of blood in them. It was no big deal,’ the Bad Santa star tells Celebs On Sunday.

She’s a wonderful woman, she’s a great mom and I’m really happy for her. I will always be proud of her achievements.’

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