Actor regrets feeling insecure

Billy Bob Thornton has admitted that doing raunchy sex scenes put his marriage to Angelina Jolie under a lot of strain.

The actor married Ange, 38, in 2000 but found it awkward telling her about the explicit footage he was filming with Halle Berry for the Oscar-winning flick Monster’s Ball in 2001.

[Halle] is one of the most beautiful women in the world and I am talking on the phone to my wife [Angelina] and she says, “What have you been doing today?”‘ says Billy Bob, 58.

And I say, “Oh, I did that sex scene with Halle Berry.” You are then asked if you actually touch her. I say: “I had to – it’s in the scene.”

If you are a thousand miles from home on a film set simulating sex with a beautiful woman, [marriage is] even tougher.’

Billy Bob, who’s been married five times, split from Ange in 2003 and blames himself for the end of their relationship.

I blew my marriage to Angelina,’ he tells The Sun.

I thought I was not good enough for her and I was too insecure. We are still friends.

Marriage is not easy. If the guy is, say, a plumber and his wife works at a flower shop, both working 9am to 5pm and seeing each other every day, those marriages are hard enough.

But being on the road, away from home, makes it more difficult. If you are an actor, even doing a Disney movie or cartoon voices, you could still be away from each other for six months.’


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