The Made In Chelsea star has revealed her insecurities

Binky Felstead is loving life as a mum since welcoming baby India but she’s honest about the fact that she’s struggling with certain elements of motherhood.

The reality star has admitted that she’s still not comfortable with breast-feeding her daughter in public after opening up about her concerns in Made In Chelsea spin-off show Born In Chelsea this week.


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Binky, 27, revealed during an appearance on ITV’s Lorraine on Tuesday that she’s been put off by people ‘staring’ at her.

‘Obviously, I’ve never had to get my boob out in public before,’ the new mum explained to presenter Christine Lampard. ‘When I have done, I’ve had people staring and the odd looks is kind of “put it away”, like I said it just makes me really flustered.

‘Trying to get the baby under the shawl and onto the boob just creates a lot of people staring.’

When asked if she’s feeling any better about it in recent weeks, Binky admitted: ‘No, I haven’t felt more comfortable, because people still stare. If you get a boob out that’s the attention on the boob, not what you’re doing.

‘I do hope I man up and go: “Hang on, this is my baby, this is the most natural thing in the world,” but it is still bothering me.’

Binky was joined on the show by socialite Tamara Ecclestone, who has always been very open about breast-feeding her three-year-old daughter Sophia and encouraged Binky to ignore how anyone who disapproves may react.

‘It’s weird people staring, not what you’re doing!’ she told the reality star.

It comes after Binky – who welcomed India with boyfriend Josh ‘JP’ Patterson in June – previously discussed her concerns on the latest episode of Born In Chelsea, which showed her hiding her baby under a blanket as she breast-fed during a trip to a hair salon.

‘The thought of breast-feeding in public does make me feel a little uncomfortable,’ she explained. ‘I’ve never had to do it before, and the thought of exposing myself in public kind of freaks me out.

‘I hope it does get easier, and I do man up a little bit, but at the moment it’s still very new and it just makes me feel a bit flustered.’

Many viewers have sympathised with Binky’s fears and sent messages of support on social media.

‘I felt the same as binky…. couldn’t bear the thought of breast feeding in public although I tried. such ashame, so natural #lorraine,’ one watcher Tweeted.

Another wrote: ‘Always loved @BinkyFelstead but now I love her even more. I feel the EXACT same about BF in public. Thank you’

Others have joined Tamara in encouraging Binky to do it without worrying what onlookers think.