Kris is fuming as she could drag down the Kardashian name  

Last week the Kardashian women waded into yet another public battle. This time with Blac Chyna, a family friend turned foe, whose life has long been interwoven with theirs.

The 27-year-old is currently dating Rob Kardashian, 28, and sources reveal that she has her sights set on marrying him, which would skyrocket her career. ‘Rob’s totally smitten with Blac and she’s taking full advantage,’ an insider shares. ‘There’s no doubt that this would cause as much chaos as possible while boosting her profile.
‘Blac’s ideal scenario is to elope with Rob – she loves the idea of taking his last name, which will give her job security and a level of fame she doesn’t have now for life!’

Where do we start… Blac was engaged to 18-year-old Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, Tyga, 26, until 2014, and the pair have a son, King Cairo Stevenson, 3. Ex awkwardness aside, what is more worrying for the family is that Blac has the potential to be incredibly toxic towards Rob during a time when he’s suffering with depression and battling obesity. She has a fiery temper, which on Friday 29th Jan got her arrested and removed from a flight for being drunk and disorderly.

‘Blac Chyna has Rob wrapped around her finger,’ our insider continues.  ‘He drove 20 hours straight to Atlanta to pick her up from jail after she got arrested at the airport, that’s a perfect example of where his head’s at.
‘Rob’s making jokes online about her having his baby but that’s not at all out of the bounds of reality. She would love to get married and have his child, she wants another baby and she thinks they would make a cute kid. She’ll be set for life and she knows it will drive the Kardashians insane and she loves that.

With a mouth and a temper like Blac’s, it’s understandable that matriarch and momager Kris Jenner, 60, is concerned that she could use Rob to gather family secrets, to be made public and used against them during one of her infamous rages. She’s already leaked Rob’s Snapchat username (Robphuckedme, fyi) on her own Snapchat account. So is this just the tip of the iceberg?

‘The scary part is she may very easily convince Rob to marry her, he is so sprung on her,’ says our source. ‘He’s been in a deep depression for a number of years now and he’s finally found something that makes him happy. He’s going to do whatever he has to do to hang on to her, but unlike Rita, who ran a mile when he started throwing engagement rings at her, Blac has every intention of hanging around for a long time.’

Well no one ever said keeping up with the Kardashians is boring…