Black Eyed Peas singer enjoyed getting in shape for a part in Nine

Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie is normally a gym bunny but she gave up training so she could balloon in size for her role in film Nine.

‘I actually gained 17lb,’ she reveals.

‘It was easy to put it on, it was fun and I loved it!

‘I ate fried foods, everything, I just didn’t work out at all.

‘I didn’t care, I didn’t even think about it.’

Fitness fan Fergie – real name Stacy Ferguson – wasn’t used to the relaxed lifestyle and struggled to get back into shape after the weight gain.

‘It was very hard to take off,’ she admits.

‘It was the longest period of time I’d ever done that since I think high school.

‘When I started working out again it was a big deal and it took me a while mentally to get back into that routine.

‘So now I have a trainer which is great and keeps me motivated.’

Fergie, 35,is married to Transformers actor Josh Duhamel, 37.

Kate Lucey