Inmates wrongly believed he was carrying heroin

Blake Fielder-Civil has been given a black eye following a bust-up in prison.

He is reported to have been attacked by fellow inmates who believed he was carrying drugs.

‘Blake’s been running scared ever since he set foot inside Pentonville — and now his luck has run out,’ an insider tells the News Of The World.

‘He got ambushed by a few blokes who thought he had heroin on him. He’s been put in solitary 3 times already for failing drugs tests so they figured it was a fair bet that he’d be carrying some – although he wasn’t.’

Blake, 25, is now being confined to his cell to avoid further clashes until his trial.

He was taken into custody last year after being charged with GBH and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Meanwhile, wife Amy Wineouse, 24, is said to be heading to the States so that she can check herself into rehab in Malibu.

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