Hands up who had a MEGA crush on Joey Lawrence? Hasn't he changed!

Joey Lawrence first made a name for himself as Joey Donovan in US sitcom Gimme A Break, which aired for six seasons from 1981- 1987. He starred in the latter three series before taking on the role we know him best for: Joey Russo in hit TV comedy Blossom from 1991-1995.

That’s a lot of Joeys!
It certainly is. Throughout Blossom, Joey became famous for his beautiful head of hair and the catchphrase: ‘Whoah!’ In a recent interview, he admitted: ‘It’s so weird that word has transcended 20 years.’

So what came next?
Joey appeared in a number of TV series including Brotherly Love, American Dreams and CSI: NY. In 2009, he starred in the film My Fake Fiancé alongside Sabrina The Teenage Witch actress Melissa Joan Hart.

Did they get on well?
Yes! Since 2010, Joey has worked alongside her in US sitcom Melissa & Joey. Unfortunately, due to a drop in ratings, the popular show was cancelled earlier this year after four seasons and 100 episodes. Joey gratefully described his loyal followers on Twitter as ‘#bestfansever.’

Anything else?
He doesn’t just act ­ he released his self-titled debut album in 1993 and his single Nothin’ My Love Can’t Fix made it all the way to number 13 in the UK music charts. More recently, Joey’s released singles Rolled and Give It To Ya.

So what now?
Well, according to his Twitter account Joey, now 39, is working on a new film titled The Bridge. He regularly updates his fans ­ or ‘Angels’ as he prefers to call them ­ with news of the upcoming movie.

He’s still hot! So, er, is he single?

Sadly not. After divorcing his first wife Michelle Vella in 2004, Joey went on to marry childhood friend Chandie Yawn-Nelson. The pair tied the knot at Disney World in 2005 and have since gone on to have two daughters: Charli, nine, and Liberty, five.

Whatever happened to the Olsen Twins?

Lucy Gornall