Take That have released the video for new single Hey Boy and it's totally amazing - WAH! And they've just announced they'll be performing the song on Strictly Come Dancing - DOUBLE WAH!

Take That have taken us back to the 70s with the video for their new single, Hey Boy, and we can’t stop watching!

There’s just so much to love in the disco-inspired film, from the boys’ funky looks (especially Howard’s red flares – amazing) to the Studio 54 vibe, complete with dance-offs and the biggest glitterball we’ve ever seen.

Speaking of glitterballs, the band – Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald – have just revealed that they’ll be performing on Strictly Come Dancing when the show moves to Blackpool Ballroom on 21 November for its annual special. WAH!

On announcing the performance, the TT gents said: ‘Looking forward to seeing everyone when we perform on Strictly’s annual special at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom. We love playing Strictly and the Blackpool crowd are always up for a big night out!’

Ooh, we can barely wait. And so, to whet your appetite for what is sure to be an amazing performance, we’ve dissected the boys’ new video to bring you our favourite moments – check them out above and below, and watch the video for yourself too!

1. The opening scene when Mark’s blowdrying his hair

From start to end, Mr Owen brings a strong hair game throughout the video. Just LOOK at it here…

Behold Mark's incredible quiff

Behold Mark’s incredible quiff


2. Gary’s socks ‘n’ shoes combo

We remember watching an interview with Gary just after Take That had split in which he stated he loved nothing more than a nice pair of Gucci loafers. We don’t know why we remember this, but it’s good to see that he’s still rocking the look – with some Travolta-esque white socks thrown in for good measure.

3. Howard’s flares

So big. So red. So great.

4. When Howard does this move…

Howard gets funky. Oh so funky.

Howard gets funky. Oh so funky.

We’re not sure if there’s any significance to the mustard bottle in the background. Thoughts?

5. When the three of them finally come together and strut down the street singing.

Check out TT’s swagger! And we’re not even going to mention Gary’s super-tight trousers. Except OH, we just did. Try not to stare, won’t you?

6. The bit where they ride bikes for all of ten seconds

Well, they do have a collective age of 134, you know. They’re no spring chickens anymore.


7. The moment it seems as though they’re introducing the Groups category on The X Factor

*Adopts X Factor voice* Introducing: HIT 4 SIX...

*Adopts X Factor voice* Introducing: HIT 4 SIX…

Without the benefit of the X Factor voiceover man, we’re calling them Hit 4 Six, Kandy Krush, You Must Be Jocking, Nu Blue and Not Destiny’s Child.

8. When they strut through a laundrette to get to the party

Because ALL the best discos in the 70s were out the back of laundrettes, didn’t you know?

9. Mark’s commitment to his furry cropped jacket even when he’s on the dance floor

We hate to imagine just how hot little Mark is under all that manmade fibre, but nothing’s coming between the pint-sized pop star and his awesome look – not even buckets of sweat.

10. Their impressive glitterball

Strictly’s going to have to dig out their very biggest glitterball if they want to compete with TT’s!

Watch the video for Take That’s Hey Boy in full below…