Antony felt bad about his antisocial behaviour

Blue‘s Antony Costa will never live down the moment he was caught weeing against an ATM.

The singer was famously snapped urinating against a cashpoint after a night out in London in 2011 and Antony jokes that the incident is the lasting impact he’ll have on the world.

‘[I’ll be remembered] as being the guy who went on a 12-hour bender and pissed up against a cashpoint,’ says Antony, 31.

‘A cab driver once told me that loads of London taxi drivers suffer from prostate cancer, because there’s nowhere for them to go for a piss.’

The incident happened during a night on the tiles with stars of Dancing On Ice and, even though he now jokes about it, Antony’s previously spoken of his shame about the photos.

‘I was so mortified when I saw the pictures,’ he previously told the Daily Mirror.

‘No one wants to be seen like that. I was on a night out, got a bit drunk and did something stupid.

‘It’s a mistake I’m not proud of and I am so, so sorry to anyone I have offended.’

Anna Francis