'My baby's eyes rolled back – we thought we'd lost her.' Blue's Antony Costa talks terrifying baby drama


It’s every parent’s absolute nightmare. Blue’s Antony Costa and his fiancee Rosanna Jasmin were terrified when their eight-month-old daughter Savannah suffered a dramatic fit last week.

Antony, 33, says he and Rosanna, 29, thought they could lose her during the dramatic episode after her lips turned blue.

The pair had gone to an open evening at a hotel where they are planning to get married and thought Savannah was just suffering from a cold. The carefree couple were happily tasting wedding cakes on the dance floor where they planned to share their first dance when they noticed Savannah’s head had tilted and her eyes were rolling back. ‘In a second, she started shaking and going stiff in Rosanna’s arms,’ Antony told the Daily Mirror. ‘Then her lips turned blue.

‘We didn’t know what was happening. We really thought she was dying.

Rosanna started screaming and crying and shouting for help. She dropped to her knees.’

Luckily the pair had watched a first aid film at the Tesco Mum of the Year awards a few days earlier and Rosanna remembered some of the what she’d seen. Antony explains: ‘She laid Savannah on her side and tilted her head. If she hadn’t, she could have choked. Then we stripped her down as she was so hot.

‘It was awful seeing our baby like that. We felt helpless. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. We really thought we were losing her. Rosanna was begging Savannah to stay with us.

‘The fit must have lasted for 10 minutes but it seemed like an eternity,’ Antony adds.

Rosanna was going to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on her but then a woman came rushing towards us, and it turned out she was a doctor. She told us not to do mouth-to-mouth because Savannah was still breathing.

‘It sounds obvious now, but when you’re there in the moment it’s very different.’

Savannah was rushed to hospital where Antony and Rosanna were told she had a virus which made her temperature shoot up and caused her to have a fit called a febrile convulsion.
‘It was horrible seeing her like that. We felt helpless, but the hospital staff were all lovely.

‘We were lucky,’ he adds. ‘We knew a little, but if the doctor hadn’t been there I don’t know what we would have done.

‘We are definitely going to go on a baby first aid course now. We don’t ever want to be in that position again.

‘When you have a baby, you are taught how to feed it, how to change a nappy and things like that, but they don’t teach you what to do in an emergency.

‘Luckily Savannah is on the mend, but we now carry a thermometer with us all the time so we can keep an eye on her temperature.’

Savannah is now back home although Antony admits they are still finding it hard not to check on her every five minutes when she is asleep. Aw!

‘If there’s one good thing that comes of this it’s that, by sharing our story, we can encourage other parents to be aware of what they need to do if it ever happens to their child,’ Antony adds.

‘The first dance at our wedding is going to be very emotional as we stand on the same spot where we thought we were going to lose our beautiful baby.’

Sofia Zagzoule