Sir Bob says his missus thinks he's 'bursting out of the surface gay'


According to this year’s Sunday Times Rich List, The Live Aid ‘saint’ is estimated to be worth a cool £35m. But being flush doesn’t stop Bob Geldof, 54, haggling over the price of T-shirts and picking up job lots of suits at Oxfam.

‘I’ve never really cared what I look like,’ he says, ‘but I do take an interest in the way men look.

‘My missus, she hates it when I point them out on TV – models, actors, musicians, whoever – she thinks I’m bursting out of the surface gay.’

Bob lives with girlfriend Jeanne Marine, his youngest daughters Pixie, 16, Peaches, 17 – and Tiger, 10, who was orphaned when Bob’s ex-wife Paula Yates and her lover Michael Hutchence both died.

Tiger is a fan of boy band McFly and so is Bob. ‘They’re lovely,’ he says, adding that he can see the appeal of young guys who don’t think they’re good looking.

‘Now if I was a girl,’ he admits, ‘I’d think that very sexy indeed.’

Louise Cooper