Lauren's secretly gone under the knife

TOWIE star Lauren Pope has revealed that she’s had her breast implants REMOVED after secretly having surgery last week.

The former glamour model opted to have her E cups taken out as she feared she was looking ‘trashy’ and wants to be taken more seriously as a businesswoman.


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Lauren, 34, is now recovering and thinks her new natural boobs will be a B or C cup when the swelling has gone down.

‘I’m back to small boobies!’ the reality star explains. ‘I’ve thought about it for a long time.

‘It’s really hard to explain but it’s not a big dramatic decision. It’s just I feel like I am taken seriously now in the world of business.’

Lauren has found success in recent years with her Hair Rehab London range of extensions and clip-ins and says she’s ready to ‘grow up’ now.

‘It’s taken a long time but I feel like my old big boobs are my old life,’ the TOWIE favourite tells MailOnline. ‘It’s time to grow up.

‘This is like a new realm and it’s a nod to that. It’s not like I’m anti-surgery at all, I was quite happy with them but I just decided to do it.’

On a recent holiday Lauren showed her pre-removal boobs off in a series of bikini photos on Instagram.

Just a couple of years ago though she spoke of her regrets about having her first boob job when she was 23 and admits that she’s often tried to cover her assets up in recent times.

‘The clothes I like will look chicer with smaller boobs,’ she says. ‘The past few years I’d go for outfits that made them look smaller and there were certain clothes I couldn’t wear because it would look trashy.’

Now Lauren’s ‘excited’ to see her new look once she’s recovered from the op.

The blonde star had two breast enlargements before the removal, having had a second op in 2012 when she learned she was one of the 40,000 women affected by the faulty French Poly Implant Prothese (PIP). During this surgery she decided to go up to an E cup.

Here’s hoping Lauren has a speedy recovery and is soon working her new natural boobs!