Us by David Nicholls isn't the new One Day but it doesn't have to be

Us by David Nicholls couldn’t have come sooner.

If, like me, you were one of the millions of readers who holed yourself up in your bedroom for an entire weekend to read David NichollsOne Day then you’ll understand the degree of my anticipation. 

Dexter and Emma’s epic 20-year love story is all-consuming – any book that has the power to take you off social media for more than a 24-hour period or seriously force you to enter an inner debate with yourself as to whether it’s absolutely necessary to leave your reading position to eat, drink or use the toilet’s a sure sign the story’s a winner.

But of course like all things, Anne Hathaway ruined everything. 

Her atrocious performance in the film version of One Day almost obliterated any ounce of love I had for the rom-com saga.

If I receive any trolling comments for admitting this, please know I will throw a virtual shockface in your direction.

That’s right – a virtual shockface. Take that, internet trolls!

May Anne’s abhorrent attempt at a Yorkshire accent be forever used as an example of what not to do in life. I could go on, but I am not sure you have a month of free time.

Us by David Nicholls is the antidote to any residual Hathaway-induced blues.

But if you’re looking to fall in love with another Dexter, you’ll be disappointed. Instead, we’re given Douglas Petersen, a stubborn and clueless dweeb who’s dug himself into a miserable mid-life crisis.

As Douglas recounts his life story trying to figure out where it all went wrong, his wife Connie tells him she wants a divorce. Luckily, Connie and Douglas agree to wait to tell their only son Albie until after their upcoming family holiday – a Grand Tour of the art capitals of Europe.

Instead of using his last opportunity to repair his fragile family, Douglas manages to mess it all up, convincing Connie she’s made the correct decision and completely alienating the already emotionally switched-off Albie. 

After finishing the first third of this novel, I thought Connie and Albie were right.

And that’s what David Nicholls wants us to think – because all of a sudden, you begin to get Douglas. You like Douglas. You even start falling in love with Douglas. And then you’ll find yourself screaming, ‘I want to be Mrs Petersen!’

Erm, #justme?

Us by David Nicholls is a snail-slow burner but with a little perseverance you’ll get swept up into a rolling snowball of fun (if that’s what you’re into)!

As usual, David Nicholls has written Douglas’s tale as if it’s a film script waiting to be made into a movie – you can almost picture the scenes unfold in your head. 

Just keep your fingers crossed Anne Hathaway isn’t auditioning.

Us by David Nicholls is out today

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