Kazakhstan's most-famous export premieres new film

He made his entrance in a cart full of ‘peasant women’ with the immortal words, ‘Good evening ladies, gentlemen and prostitutes.’

Borat – the spoof creation of 35-year-old Sacha Baron Cohen – took Leicester Square by storm last night when he arrived for the premiere of his new movie: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan.

The comedian joked that he wanted Madonna to adopt his new grandchild. ‘I have brought here with me my 11-year old son, his wife and their newborn baby, who I am hoping to sell to singing transvestite Madonna’, he announced.

Joining Borat was Wedding Crashers star Isla Fisher, 30, fiancée of the man behind the moustache.

She told The Daily Mirror: ‘My favourite part of the film was the naked male wrestling. I want the world to be jealous of my man.’