Parenting worries lead to a new love pact for the on/off couple

As loved-up pictures of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie last week in Paris and Venice show, the pair are working hard to patch up their differences.

They’ve realised that focusing so much on each other has left their six children paying the price, so the couple have decided to put them first.

‘They’re staying together as a family and have vowed to work out their problems,’ a source says. No matter how much they fight, they agree on one thing: they adore their kids and will do anything in their power to ensure they have happy lives.’

Brad and Angie know that starts with the parents, so they recently outlined a plan that would help them function as a couple.

So far, it seems to be working. It includes backing each other’s careers, not fighting in front of the kids and making more of an effort with each other’s families.

Brad, 46, followed Ange, 34, to Venice and Paris to support her new movie The Tourist. Next, she’s off to Cannes to get behind him for his next film The Tree Of Life.

However, there are still concerns about the kids.

The children get cabin fever cooped up in hotels, so they’re starting to act up and bicker with each other more,’ says another source.

The problem is that Brad and Angie have such busy schedules, even when they’re getting on well, and it can be tough on their kids.

They do their best to travel with the children and take them to kid-friendly places like amusement parks and petting zoos. But because they’re currently being home schooled, they rarely spend time with other kids.

Brad wants to change this, but he’s not sure how because school poses security issues. They don’t have the opportunity to socialise like other children, but other kids don’t have the paparazzi hunting them down.’

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