Even his mum is pushing for them to reunite as Angelina explodes again!


Brad Pitt‘s under pressure from his own mum to reconcile with Jennifer Aniston, as his relationship with Angelina Jolie crumbles.

The 45-year-old actor’s in constant contact with Jen, 40, and has been encouraged every step of the way by his mother Jane, who believes the exes belong together.

‘Jane’s so happy that Brad and Jen are talking again,’ says our source. ‘She’s never liked Angelina – and lately all she hears when she talks to Brad is how miserable he is. As a mother, it tears her apart to see him like this – in such a negative relationship and constantly arguing.

‘Jane’s seen, first hand, how difficult Angelina is. She never comes to visit the family in Missouri and is always prickly on the rare occasions they have got together.

‘Jennifer was the total opposite – charming, friendly and the perfect daughter-in-law. She always made time to be an active part of the family, whereas Angie just turns her nose up. Jen’s like a family member who never went away.

Jen and Jane have never lost touch. They speak at least a couple of times a week and Jen never misses a birthday or special occasion.

‘Jane’s told Brad that he belongs with Jennifer and he needs to leave this relationship with Angelina behind him if he wants any chance of true happiness. And she’s told Jen that she’s the only person who can save Brad from this misery. He feels trapped with Angelina, but it’s hard for him to leave as they have six children together and he’s devoted to them.’

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