Bradley got his passion for films from his father

Bradley Cooper has revealed that his late dad was his hero.

The actor credits his stockbroker father Charles, who passed away after a battle with lung cancer two years ago, with fostering his love for film when he was growing up in Philadelphia.

The family lived opposite a cinema and weekly visits became a much-loved ritual.

I owe everything to my father,’ says Bradley, 38.

My father would constantly be telling me about films that he had discovered and as soon as I was old enough he’d take me.

He was also a real cinephile. He turned me on to those 1970s auteur movies when I was really young.

I saw The Elephant Man when I was, like, 12, and Apocalypse Now, Network and The Deer Hunter.

I loved those movies so much. I would just sort of live in the fantasy of the feeling after the movie was over.’

Bradley, who was nicknamed Two Shoes by his dad as he was ‘always a goody two-shoes’, wishes his hero was still around to share his success.

My father was an intellectual who adored the arts and passed that passion on to me,’ the Oscar-nominated star tells the Daily Mirror.

It’s such a shame that he isn’t here to share a lot of the things that are going on in my life now.’

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