Britney Spears lives it up in Las Vegas

What better way to forget your impending divorce than a night on the town with hellraiser Paris Hilton?

It certainly seems to have proved to be the perfect tonic for Britney Spears, 24, who’s spent the past week enjoying herself in Las Vegas in a bid take her mind off her split from husband Kevin Federline, 28.

Party-mad heiress Paris Hilton met up with Britney at the Tryst club where the pair danced the night away. At one point Britney even whipped off her satin trousers and paraded around in fishnet stockings and a silk blouse.

A source tells The Sun: ‘Kevin has been partying and she feels she deserves to enjoy herself too.’

Before her night out Britney was spotted wearing a pink wig and black dress as she won £5,000 playing blackjack. She had toys delivered to her hotel suite for sons Sean, 14 months, and eight-week old Jayden.’