There are some vicious rumours out there about Briana Jungwirth

It’s bad news today for Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth, who is pregnant with his child, as vicious rumours circulate on the web suggesting Briana has starred in a sex tape with an unknown man.

The rumours were started by French website, Fan2, and the allegations on the site can be translated as ‘A sex tape of Briana Jungwirth just made its appearance on the web. Yes you have every right to be shocked, Directioners. This is totally unexpected and one wonders what that think.’ The site goes on to claim that there are screenshots of Briana in the video available across the internet.

One Direction fans have responded with the trending #OhNoBriana hashtag, although many have come to the conclusion that the rumours are false – and we’re sure they are right.

A close source has told Gossip Cop that the rumours are ‘nonsense’, and there is merely a passing resemblance between Briana and the girl in the video.

While Louis has not commented on the rumours, Fabulous magazine recently revealed that all baby questions were ‘off limits’ when they interviewed the star along with the other One Direction boys.

The allegations follow recent photos of Briana released last week, which show her looking glowing with a visible baby bump. It also comes after One Direction’s poignant last show in their On The Road Again tour. We can’t help but think the site is just trying to cause a stir and generated unwanted publicity for the pair. Don’t listen to a word of it, Briana and Louis!