Alesha doesn't want a 'battery-operated' boyfriend

Alesha Dixon says she’s an old-fashioned girl when it comes to love and sex.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge, who split from cheating husband MC Harvey in 2006, admits she’s not keen on having a ‘battery-operated’ boyfriend.

Fair play to women if they want to empower themselves or want to go out and buy all their little sex toys,’ says Alesha, 34.

Not my cup of tea personally. I like serious relationships. I have a healthy sex life and I don’t need any tools.’

Alesha likes to keep her love life as private as possible and she’s previously admitted that she’s picky when it comes to men.

I’m fussy because somebody has to be really worth giving my heart to,’ she tells Fabulous.

You only live once and I would never want to just…to just settle.

‘For me it’s just about being with someone you have great chemistry with and connect with as a person and have trust in.’

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