MC Harvey cheated on Alesha in 2006

Alesha Dixon has admitted she felt lower than she’d ever imagined possible when she lost both her record deal and her husband in a fortnight.

Alesha’s rapper husband MC Harvey, 34, fell for singer Javine Hylton, 31, in 2006.

And when she also lost her record deal within the same two weeks, the former Mis-Teeq singer struggled to cope.

Heartache takes you to a place you never felt was humanly possible,’ says Alesha, 34.

I felt completely lost when the two things I cared about most were gone within two weeks of each other.

However, being the rational sort of person I am, I can identify when I’m not in a good place and do my best to get out of that as quickly as possible.’

Alesha admits that going through the tough experience helped her to move forward.

In life you have two choices – you can stay down or you can get up stronger,’ the Britain’s Got Talent judge tells Live Magazine.

As I’ve hit my thirties, I’ve been a lot better at snapping myself out of a dark place; much more than when I was a teenager and in my twenties.’

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