That didn't take long...

With the auditions over and done with, Britain’s Got Talent was back on Monday evening with the live shows we’ve all been waiting for.

But as semi-finals week kicked off, it didn’t take long for the ITV talent contest to be hit by scandal – and by that, we mean it took pretty much five minutes…

During the opening minutes of the show, first act up to face the judges, St Patrick’s primary school choir from County Down, looked adorable as they stood on stage ready to sing.

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But as the choir – made up of seven to 11-year-old’s – began to belt out Katy Perry‘s Roar, Ant and Dec suddenly ran onstage to stop them, claiming that there was a sound issue which meant that the youngsters couldn’t hear the backing music.

Ant and Dec stopped the Irish schoolkids [ITV]

Ant was heard saying: ‘Two secs, two secs, two secs, is everything ok?’

As Dec said: ‘Gonna just stop it there – we’ve just had a few technical issues.’

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Good start! However, as the talented kids patiently waited for the technical glitch to be sorted out, a track with their voices started playing for a few seconds.

Joking about the awkward mishap, David Walliams said: ‘It didn’t take long!’

To which Dec replied: ‘It’s a new set it’s a new studio!’

The judges loved the choir’s performance [ITV]

Luckily, the Irish schoolkids went on to give a beautiful performance (which almost made us cry…) and received huge praise from all the judges with Amanda Holden even calling them ‘a breathe of fresh air’.

Aw! But while we were busy reaching for the tissues, some viewers were left confused as to why the backing track had vocals, with many accusing the kids of miming.

One fan wrote on Twitter: ‘Playing a track with pre recorded vocals.. great start @BGT #bgt #BGMT #sickened’.

While another said: ‘Well due to those “technical issues” we now know these kids are miming to a backing track! Oops! #BGT’.

Despite the social media reaction, a BGT spokesperson has since defended the choir, telling The Sun Online that there definitely was no cheating going on.

‘A technical glitch meant that the wrong song was played at the start of St Patrick’s Junior Choir performance as well as some vocals recorded during a rehearsal from them,’ they said.

‘The choir did not mime and we are very proud of their performance.’

And they should be! However unfortunately, the 36-strong choir didn’t make it through to the finals at the weekend as magicians DNA and singer Kyle Tomlinson were voted through by the public instead.