Coronation Street's Kym looks set for an interesting night on Saturday

If the feud between Coronation Street‘s Kym Marsh and Hollyoaks Stephanie Waring wasn’t dramatic enough, it looks like things won’t be Pure and Simple between the pair any time soon.

With both stars set to attend the British Soap Awards in Manchester on Saturday, organizers are said to be on ‘high alert’ to avoid any cat fights from occurring.

An inside source told The Mirror: ‘Kym has worked hard on her storyline so wants the night to be a celebration of that, rather than about problems in her personal life. This night should be all about the drama on-screen rather than between the stars.

‘Once the booze starts following, who knows what will happen?’

The feud first began in 2014 after 38-year-old Kym’s whirlwind romance with Dan Hooper started – just months after he’d split from Steph, 37, who he has a four-year-old daughter with.

And following the news this week Corrie’s Kym is ‘taking a break’ from fiancée Dan after alleged ‘furious rows’ with his Hollyoaks ex Steph, it’s understandable why the event organizers are on high alert.

Just to make the whole drama even more like their on screen soap antics, a rep for Steph has since strongly denied his client has any involvent in Kym’s split.

‘Stephanie Waring strongly refutes the negative claims regarding her alleged involvement in the relationship of Kym Marsh and Dan Hooper. Stephanie and Dan’s daughter Lexi, is the former couples main concern,’ the rep explained. ‘Stephanie and Dan have a daughter together and are obviously in contact with each other as rightly she is their main priority.’

Oh it’s all a bit of a mess, isn’t it?

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