Britney Spears' first husband claims singer had tummy tuck

There’s no doubt that Britney Spears did incredibly well to get back into shape after having her second son.

But now it seems that she may have been given a helping hand.

According to first husband Jason Alexander, who she wed in January 2004 before annulling their marriage 55 hours later, the singer, 24, had surgery after the birth of Jayden James.

‘Britney has to get out there now and be seen to be looking good and so on,’ the 25-year-old tells The Sun. ‘She’s doing all that. She’s been locked down for two years.

‘She had a tummy tuck after the birth of her second child. She’s working on all of that. She’s worth hundreds of millions – of course she looks good.

‘She has the money to have surgery and nutritionists and get her body back. And now she’s focused, she is doing it. She’s motivated – she just got rid of a man.’