With her father still in control, all she wants to do is shop

She’s been flashing what little cash she has in downmarket retailer Wal-Mart, but Britney Spears knows what’s best for her when it comes to her dad.

The singer’s career and finances are still under the control of dad Jamie after the courts extended the two-year conservatorship order indefinitely.

Officially Britney is said to be content’ with the arrangement, but Now’s insider says it’s been a tough pill to swallow.

I don’t think it’s true to say Britney’s happy with it,’ says a friend.

After all, it’s her hard earned money she sacrificed her childhood to make, but she’s learnt to see it as part of her recovery.

‘When she looks back at the past two years, she can’t deny it’s improved, so she has to accept her father is doing something right.

What bothers her is he uses it to control her. If she misbehaves her father restricts her allowance.

‘In December he gave her some money and she spent it all online within 30 minutes! Jamie decided that was irresponsible, so he cut her allowance in half the following week.

‘It’s a battle, to say the least.’

But it’s not all skint city for Britney, who under the new terms of her conservatorship was able to negotiate an increase in her allowance, from £1,000 to a whopping £16,000 a week.

That certainly helped,’ adds the pal.

She can’t get anything past Jamie, but it’s made her  stronger. It’s taught her discipline and the value of a dollar, something she wouldn’t have known otherwise.’

Read the full story about Britney Spears in Now magazine dated 10 January 2011 – out now! 

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