We don't know why she filmed them, we don't know why she shared them - all we know is Britney Spears is DAMN HOT right now

Whilst the rest of us hide our bodies under seven layers of clothes (it’s cold plus. y’know, our January diet hasn’t exactly gone to plan), Britney Spears has no problem getting semi-naked and writhing around for our enjoyment. SIGH. But also, WOW.

Britters posted a series of three videos to her Instagram account on Monday that featured her showing off her seriously hot bikini body in a skimpy black two-piece swimsuit, along with what appear to be fake tattoos (unless she has some new inkings we don’t know about!).

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The vids were set to music, with Brit ‘doing a Willow Smith’ and flicking her hair back and forth to the beat as we’ve seen her do so many times before in her music vids.

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She shared the black and white clips without any caption, causing her fans to speculate over the exact meaning of the mystery posts.

‘What is happening???!!!!’ one fan commented.

‘New single???’ another ventured.

Someone else wrote: ‘Curious what this is about lol!’

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Meanwhile, others were simply appreciative of Britney’s total hotness.

‘Omg her body looks flawless. The Holy Spear-it has risen!!’ one wrote.

‘Queen of the hair flips,’ another commented.

A third wrote: ‘Body goals 😍’

It’s been more than two long years since Britney last released music, 2013’s eponymous album Britney Jean – which featured the beast of a tune that is Work B*tch.

Since then she’s been busy performing her Las Vegas residency show, Piece Of Me, which is due to run until 2017.

But could these sexy vids hint at a new project in the pipeline? Or did Britters simply find herself looking hot in a bikini and (quite rightly) want to share it with the world?

Who knows. All we know is Brit is looking FINE right now. That, and we really need to get back on that diet…

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