Tired of living under her father's control, the star's starting to rebel

Britney Spears has confessed to her ever-present dad Jamie that she’s broken the sex ban he slapped on her in September – but is refusing to reveal who her secret man is.

Britney and her dad had an explosive row in which she accused her dad of treating her like a prisoner,’ says a source. ‘He threatened to take away her phone, which she clings on to like a lifeline, but she was having none of it.’

Jamie‘s sex ban was meant to last for six months, giving 27-year-old Britney time to focus on her career and getting her health back. But the mum-of-two found a way to sneak out of her Malibu home.

‘Jamie’s plan to wrap his daughter in cotton wool and stop her from coming into contact with any undesirable influences has backfired in a big way,’ says our source.

Britney was so tired and cranky the morning after that Jamie guessed she’d been up to something – and she didn’t try very hard to hide it.

‘She told him she’d put on a disguise and snuck out after 2am to meet someone she’d known a long time who was a good person.

‘But the row turned ugly and heated and both of them were really fired up by the end of it. Britney told her father that she was a grown woman and ordered him to get out of her room. She didn’t come out for the rest of the day.’

It’s the latest in a series of rows between Britney and Jamie, 56, who’s attempted to cut her off from the bad influences in her life. Everyone she spends time with is carefully selected, which means that she often feels lonely and trapped.

Britney’s desperate to have some freedom back,’ says our source. ‘Her temper’s increasingly frayed. She’s supposed to do a massive tour to back up her new album Circus, but the fear is she’s too fragile to handle that.’ 

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