She lost the plot over her hairdo

Britney Spears screamed at her stylist just moments before her shambolic performance at the MTV Awards show.

The 25-year-old singer went mad when she saw the state of her hair and was given medication to calm her down.

‘The scene in the dressing room before the show was one of absolute blind panic,’ says a source.

‘She knew she hadn’t rehearsed enough and was going to mess up the whole show and possibly her career – then she saw her hairdo and it was the final straw.’

Her staff frantically fetched a doctor who is reported to have prescribed anti-depressants.

(They take ages to work, surely she must have been given some kind of sedative/tranquiliser…)

‘She want into a wild rage and started lashing out at everyone, including her stylist,’ the source tells The Sun.

‘Britney took enough to floor an elephant. They calmed her down but were clearly too effective.’

Suzannah Ramsdale