Top plastic surgeon reckons the 25-year-old looks 40

A lot has certainly happened to Britney Spears over the last two years – and top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Robert Rey reckons the singer should take better care of herself.

It was only July 2004 that Britney announced her engagement to Kevin Federline and since then she’s married him, had two children, decided to divorce the dancer – and celebrated the split accompanied by party-girl Paris Hilton.

Dr Rey, who fronts US reality TV show Dr 90210, is stunned by Britney’s current appearance. She only turned 25 last month but he reckons she’s aged 15 years in just two.

He appeared on news show The Insider on Friday to give his expert opinion on Britney’s pale and weary ‘new look’.

He said: ‘There’s puffiness under her eyes, the quality of the hair has changed. You can see even some wrinkles.

‘One can see that she may have aged 10 to 15 years more.’

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