Singer puts her other half on a diet

Britney Spears wants husband Kevin Federline to lose some weight.

The mum-of-two devised a healthy eating plan for her hubby because he piled on the pounds during her second pregnancy, to make her feel better about her body shape.

Although Britney has shed her baby bulge, Kevin, 28, admits he has struggled to get back down to his regular size.

He tells People magazine: ‘I gain the sympathy weight and she loses it in two weeks after she has the baby. It is daddy fat. It comes and goes, but sometimes she’ll tell me to get my butt in the gym.’

Britney, 24, went on a strict diet and dance regime after delivering Jayden by Caesarean section on 12 September.

Last week, the singer – who also has a one-year-old son, Sean Preston – celebrated slimming down to an American size 6 by spending thousands of dollars on a new wardrobe.