Former colleague praises Dr Deborah Nadel

Dr Deborah Nadel, the shrink who hospitalised Britney Spears, is a highly respected therapist, known for her compassion.

‘She’s an excellent clinician and an excellent psychiatrist,’ Harold Young, clinician director of Maple Counselling Centre in Beverly Hills, tells

‘I think [Britney] is in somebody’s hands who will be caring, concerned, compassionate and respectful.’

Dr Nadel is ‘well thought of in the therapeutic community’ and is reported to have been chosen by Britney from a list of doctors recommended by her lawyers.

The troubled star is currently in UCLA Medical Center’s psychiatric ward where she undergoing a 72-hour evaluation.

E! report that the pap gave her an ultimatum: him or Sam.

UPDATE: Britney’s parents Jamie and Lynne Spears are now said to be rowing with Sam Lutfi about what kind of medical treatment she should get.

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