Will's relationship didn't get off to a good start


Will Mellor had a disastrous first date with his wife.

The actor, who has been in a relationship with dancer Michelle McSween for 15 years, was shocked when she started acting strangely in a London club.

‘One of the first times we went out, I was trying to be all flash,’ says Will, 37.

‘I took her to Café de Paris and bought champagne. Suddenly, out of nowhere, she was bouncing off every wall and throwing up everywhere.

‘It turned out she hadn’t eaten all day – she’d gone from being completely sober one minute to being unable to walk the next!’

And things soon got even worse for the Broadchurch star when he got the blame for Michelle’s drunken antics.

‘Her mate who was with us accused me of having drugged her drink!’ says Will.

‘I phoned Michelle the next day and she was so embarrassed, she thought she’d never hear from me again.

‘But we had a good laugh about it. And now we’re married with two children [Jayden, 9, and Renee, 5].’

Anna Francis