Lynne McGarry and her family were upset by an episode of EastEnders


Gogglebox has made us laugh and cry over the years but it seems that some recent scenes were just too emotional to show.

It’s been claimed that footage of the cast watching Peggy Mitchell’s final scenes in EastEnders – which saw her commit suicide by taking an overdose of pills – was dropped from the programme due to the upset reactions of the families.


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Lynne McGarry, who appears on the show with partner Pete and son George Gilbey, says the clip was particularly difficult viewing for her family.

‘Pete broke down because he thought of how him and his brother felt when they lost their mum,’ says Lynne, 66.

‘All three of us were sitting there and one by one we broke down.’

It sounds like foster carer Lynne and her relatives weren’t the only ones to shed tears over the death of Peggy, who was played by EastEnders stalwart Dame Barbara Windsor.

This apparently caused show bosses to decide not to air the footage.

‘The producers said it was too sad to show,’ Lynne tells the Daily Star Sunday. ‘The families all showed their emotions so much because it reminded them of losing someone.’

An insider involved with Gogglebox has reportedly backed the claims, saying the scenes showing families watching Peggy’s exit were too ‘raw’ and ‘personal’ to include on the programme.

There’s not yet been any official comment from the Gogglebox team.

The cast of the show weren’t the only ones to find Peggy’s final scenes emotional.

When the moving episode – which saw Pat Butcher (played by Pam St Clement) come back as a ghost to talk to Peggy during her last moments – was aired in May, distraught viewers admitted on social media that it had left them in tears.

‘A very sad but amazing #EastEnders episode last night @BWindsorUK should be proud #EELastOrders,’ one watched Tweeted.

Another wrote: ‘Heartbreaking scenes amazingly acted on #EastEnders, had tears rolling down my face!’

Anna Francis