Lindsay’s career is on the rocks and friends say they’re concerned

Since Lindsay Lohan was spotted kissing Mark Ronson’s openly gay sister Samantha in Cannes a couple of weeks ago, the rumour mill’s gone into overdrive with gossip that the star’s on the verge of coming out.

Even her estranged father Michael said of the rumours: ‘It’s evident to anyone with half a brain.’

However, some sceptics are suggesting that Lindsay could simply be using this relationship as a publicity stunt to boost her flagging career and make money by selling her story to a magazine.

The truth is that Lindsay, 21, is in such a financial mess that she’s been forced to sell her two homes, which could be why she moved in with Samantha.

Having blown her fortune on hard partying, she resorted to begging for sponsors for her own 22nd birthday celebration in July, launching a website to raise funds, but her management advised her to cancel the event.

It’s a far cry from the Lindsay of two years ago, leader of the pack of young Hollywood talent. But now offers have stopped flooding in and she’s been reduced to accepting a bit part in an episode of US sitcom Ugly Betty – which actually saw a slump in viewing figures, despite being the season finale.

Lindsay’s ‘good girl’ image was tarnished when she confessed to drink and drug problems last January. Add an arrest for drink-driving and possession of cocaine, two spells in rehab and the humiliation of a leaked sex tape featuring Calum Best and it’s hardly surprising that her reputation’s taken a hit.

Even the paparazzi aren’t making much money from her any more. Jessica Townsend of photo agency Splash News says: ‘We still follow her, but there isn’t the interest there was when she had the electronic tag on her ankle after her drink-driving conviction.’

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