The 22-year-old bitterly regrets her drunken night with the soccer star

After Aimee Walton claimed she had a fling with Ashley Cole, it blew the lid on his supposedly happy marriage to Girls Aloud star Cheryl.

Then glamour model Brooke Healey stepped forward to say she’d also had a drunken night of sex with the footballer – just 5 months after his and 24-year-old Cheryl’s fairytale wedding.

But she regrets it.

‘I really feel for Cheryl and I’d apologise profusely to her if I could speak to her,’ Brooke, 22, tells Now. ‘I’ve learnt from my mistake and I’ll never put myself in that situation again.

‘I truly wish I could say sorry, but in the end I wasn’t the one with a ring on my finger.’

Brooke reckons an awful lot of soccer stars are unfaithful to their partners.

‘Most seem to think they have a God-given right to do whatever they want,’ she says. ‘They don’t believe their wives will never leave.’

See full interview in Now magazine – out now!

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