It looks like a particular soap actress isn't feeling too positive ahead of the live Coronation Street episode on Wednesday...

Brooke Vincent, 23, plays Sophie Webster on one of the nation’s favourite TV shows, Coronation Street and has confessed she is feeling ‘terrified’ ahead of the live episode.

Not only is there the pressure to be in exactly the right place at the right time, the cast also have to go against everything they are used to and get it perfect in just one take.

But Brooke has confessed that she has a back-up plan in case of any on-screen disasters!

The soap star said: ‘I have a safe line to say if I forget my words so I have a back up thing to say.

‘Then I will probably just say ‘Sorry mum’, and move on. They’ve told us we won’t get sacked if we mess up, so that’s okay!’

She added to the Daily Star: ‘No one wants to be the one that it goes wrong for. We’re all praying it’s not us.’

The cast have been undergoing a lot of tiring rehearsals, including nightshoots. Let’s hope they don’t all fall asleep live on air!

Brooke’s character, Sophie, plays a vital part in keeping her mum Sally’s secret ahead of her wedding to Tim Metcalfe. She said: ‘I’ve been in Corrie since I was 11 years old so it’s great that I am getting trusted with bigger storylines. ‘The lesbian story is the one I have become most known for. It’s been an honour for me to play.’


The 23 year-old said: ‘Because it’s so slow we’re all like ‘hurry up Wednesday!’ Sometimes you can over rehearse and the more and more you go over it the more you can do it wrong.’

But the Corrie cast are so professional, so surely there’s nothing that could go wrong? Unless they call each other by their real name instead of their character name, which is exactly what happened to Eastenders actress, Jo Joyner on their live episode earlier this year. Awkward!

Coronation Street marks its 60th anniversary this week and you can catch the long-awaited  live episode tomorrow night on ITV at 7:30pm.

Alice Murray