Brooklyn's latest Insta has left a lot of people up in arms...

Brooklyn Beckham sparked a  bit of a frenzy on Wednesday when he uploaded a photo of the Queen to his Instagram page.

The budding photographer simply captioned the photo ‘DB’ – presumably, as many fans pointed out, in tribute to the snap’s photographer, David Bailey.

However, the initials are also coincidentally the same as his father’s, David Beckham – prompting backlash from a few fans who assumed the picture was a shameless plea for Beckham Senior to be knighted.

It comes after David, 42, was embroiled in a knighthood scandal in February this year.

Dubbed ‘Beckileaks’, it saw emails reportedly sent by the former footballer surface that appeared to show him kicking off over the fact that he hadn’t been given a knighthood by the Queen, despite all his charitable work – something he allegedly called a ‘f***ing disgrace’.

At the time, reps for the star claimed that the emails had been hacked and altered.

Commenting on 18-year-old Brooklyn’s snap last night, one angry fan wrote: ‘Nothing says ‘GIVE MY DADDY A KNIGHTHOOD!’ Like this photo.’

Another posted: ‘She ain’t gonna give your dad a knighthood tho.’

Someone else said: ‘Is this meant to be a joke..?? Bad taste.’

And another wrote: ‘Is it true that David got a knightood or knighted after this photo? (sic)’


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To make matters worse, the post came just moments before Head Staff at royal residences across the country were summoned at the eleventh hour to attend Buckingham Palace the following morning for an important announcement.

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With rumours circulating on the internet over what this announcement was going to be – with some assuming it was a death in the Royal family – his post only added fuel to the fire, misleading some fans into thinking that Her Majesty or Prince Philip had kicked the bucket. Yikes!

One Twitter user asked: I’s she dead now. (sic)’

And another warned: ‘Don’t put this black photo otherwise it’s seems like she pass away it’s not my fault u post it have this meaning let ppl misunderstanding (sic)’

But one sensible user pointed out: ‘David Bailey is the photographer, that’s why he’s put DB (sic).’

The photograph was taken by the celebrity snapper and released back in 2014 to mark the Queen’s 88th birthday.

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And with Brooklyn keen to take professional photographs for a living, there’s no doubt that the teen was simply showcasing the work of one of his photographer idols.

But was there a cryptic message hidden in the post? Well if there was, we’re pretty sure Ma’am was far too busy to take notice, especially now her husband has officially stepped down from royal duties.