Brooklyn Beckham has unfollowed actress Chloe Moretz, his rumoured first girlfriend, on Twitter... What happened?!

Oh how we remember our first break-up.

We cried and then we sulked and then we coated ourselves in so many layers of body glitter we should have been known as ‘the disco onion’, all in order to get down the local youth club and prowl out a new two-week relationship.

And oh how times have changed. In this day and age it is actually possible to be lot more reserved (and dignified) with your ‘YOU DUMPED ME AND I HATE YOU’ reflexes. We give you, Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Grace Moretz.

The teens met last year in the youth club of the rich and famous, Parisian Fashion Week. They were kind of confirmed to be dating by 18-year-old Chloe late last year- during an interview, the actress alluded they were ‘maybe’ together and that Brookers was a ‘good guy’.

They proceeded to make several public appearances whilst Brooklyn holidayed in the US with his family- including attending an Ed Sheeran gig and a knees up at the Teen Choice Awards.

However, it is alleged that the pair couldn’t hack the long distance aspect of their transatlantic relationship and decided to call it a day. All sounding very mature and amicable so far, well done guys you’re miles ahead of us.

But wait…Brooklyn‘s very exclusive following count on Twitter would say otherwise. Mini-Becks, who only follows 25 other users, was following Miss Moretz until very recently… we have detected an unfollow here people!

And it looks like the cold social media shoulder has been reciprocated back, as Chloe appears to have hit unfollow on Brooklyn‘s account too. And we all know that the act of unfollowing is the modern day equivalent to burning every possession that they left at your house and then telling all your friends that you ‘never really liked them that much and Ben is so much hotter anyway, is he at youth club Friday?’.

Oh guys, where did the love go?!

Alice Perry