As he graces his first cover for Miss.Vogue, Brooklyn Beckham shares his rules when it comes to Instagram

Remember when you were a teen and you look back of photos of that time when you had acne and were sporting oh-so-embarassing outfits? Yeah. Us too.

But somehow, Brooklyn Beckham doesn’t have any of these problems, as the teen is already cooler and has more famous friends than we ever will. And he’s 16-year-old.

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Never fear though! Brooklyn’s got us covered – while he’s making his debut on the front cover of Vogue as he poses for Miss.Vogue magazine, he’s also made a lil video filled with tips and tricks of how he’s stays being the coolest teen on Instagram.

Listen and learn folks.

No selfie destruction
‘Everyone loves a selfie, but when every single photo on your profile consists of a picture of yourself, you need to rethink your Instagram. Don’t forget to look for interesting things around you instead.’ True Brooklyn, true. We’re very on board with this rule. There’s only SO many times we can double tap a photo of our friend’s face because her brows are on fleek. But when you’ve got a handsome face like Brooklyns’, this rule must be hard to follow – it’s tough being the product of David and Victoria Beckham isn’t it?

Don’t ask people to follow you
‘You wouldn’t beg someone to be your mate in real life would you?’ Brooklyn says to the camera while asking a bunch of empty chairs to be his friend. Nop, you’re right BB, butttt – will you be our buddy?

No selfie sticks
‘They were funny for about five minutes.’ As if you needed a reason to take that stick out of your handbag, a Beckham themselves have said it. So that’s basically like the law now.

Go easy on the filters
‘Filters can be fun, but don’t forget to chill out from time to time’ the teen says while adjusting his majestic quiff numerous times throughout the film and working his Zoolander-worthy stare into the camera. Easy to say when you’ve got the natural beauty resembling to your pops David Beckham.

Have fun
‘My main rule is don’t forget to make it fun’ Well yes indeed lil’ Beckham. It IS just a photo sharing app after all.

Now, excuse us while we share these rules with the masses.

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