These 7 Bugsy Malone actors have been famous since they were kids but look how much they've changed...

It’s been almost 40 years since Sir Alan Parker released Bugsy Malone in 1976. Since then the relatively unknown child cast have either gone on to become stars while others fell back into a life of normality.

Here’s the ones who made it:

Scott Baio – Bugsy Malone

Brooklyn-born actor Scott, now 55, made his movie debut at the age of 14 in Bugsy Malone.
After his big break, Scott went onto to forge a strong career in TV and is now best known for his role as Chachi Arcola in Happy Days and his own spin-off series Joanie Loves Chachi.
He now has a regular spot on Diagnosis Murder, Charles in Charge, Arrested Development and See Dad Run.

Florence Garland – Blousey Brown

Florence, 52 decided against becoming an actress after her debut in Bugsy Malone at the age of 13 saying, ‘I enjoyed the acting, and the camaraderie and the joy of memorising roles. But I didn’t want to do it professionally.’

At 18, Florence joined the United States Air Force as a medical administrator, serving in air force bases in the UK, South Korea and the United States.

Jodie Foster – Tallulah

Unlike the rest of Bugsy Malone’s child cast, Jodie, 52, started her career in acting aged just three years old! In the same year as Bugsy Malone’s release, Jodie also feautured in Martin Scorsese’s film Taxi Driver and went on to also feature in The Silence of the Lambs which she won an Oscar for!

In 1991, Jodie started film directing. She has also directed episodes of the popular TV programmes Orange Is The New Black and House of Cards.

John Cassisi – Fat Sam

John was picked for the role as Fat Sam purely becuase he was the naughtiest child in his class. After a short career in acting John, now 52, works in construction.

Martin Lev – Dandy Dan

Martin started acting at 16, playing the role of David Bowen in the film The Day After Tomorrow. One year later, Martin was cast to play Dandy Dan but abandoned his acting career in favour of becoming a designer.

Martin sadly died in 1992 after committing suicide aged 32.

Dexter Fletcher – Baby Face

Baby Face is now 49 and is an inconic British actor and director, featuring in Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrel and Matthew Vaughn’s Layer Cake as well as TV drama Hotel Babylon.

Bonnie Langford – Lena Marelli

51 year-old Bonnie is known for her dancing as much as she is for her acting! After Bugsy Malone, Bonnie appeared in the BBC’s Doctor Who as well as on stage in West End and Broadway musicals such as Peter Pan: The Musical, Cats, The Pirates of Penzance and Chicago and more recently on TV in the reality competition programme Dancing on Ice.

Emily Thornhill