Busted are back together... so what's with Charlie Simpson's change of heart?!

We’ve been to the year 2016, not much has changed but CHARLIE SIMPSON IS BACK IN BUSTED (oh and they’re also living under water and all that).

Oh yes- get ready to don you air hostess costume and maybe even crash a few weddings (and be damn glad about it too), because the Zayn Malik of Busted is back where he belongs: alongside band-members Matt Willis and James Bourne.

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Speaking to Kerrang, 30-year-old Charlie explained that ‘being excited about making music with those guys – that’s what’s led me here. It’s made me think, ‘this could be fun again’.

He adds, ‘I can put my hands on my heart and say that I wouldn’t be rejoining Busted if I wasn’t excited about the music’.

Now, the more seasoned of us Busted fans (we salute you, team) will remember Charlie‘s absolute certainty that he would never ever EVER re-join Busted (how could you play us like that Charlie?!).

So for those of us scratching our heads over the reunion, allow the Charlester to continue… ‘In my head, I still thought I’d never do that again, and I was committed to doing my solo stuff. But – and this is important – we ended up having a really, really good time’.

He then added, ‘They came round my house again… with some new songs, weren’t even Busted songs at the point – just songs James had written – and they were really, really good. Brilliant pop songs. I got excited about them’. We have mixed feelings. Busted with no Busted songs….

And the original reason for leaving Busted? Surprisingly nothing to do with the cheesy songs (*ahem* a.k.a anthems of masterpiece that shaped us as people).

Charlie explains, ‘I don’t want to sound too extreme, but I was close to getting depressed as you could ever get, and I was worried I might turn to drink or drugs or something’.

With our favourite boys back and hopefully better than ever, only time will tell how long we will be able to keep our ‘ish together…

Alice Perry