Reality star, Caitlyn Jenner, has fallen in love with Candis Cayne

They were pictured living it up Clive Davis’ Grammy party last week – now sources say close friends Caitlyn Jenner and trans actress Candis Cayne are in a relationship.

Such a fun time last night at the Clive Davis #grammys Pre Party with Cait!

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The pair has been the subject of are they/aren’t they rumours for months until Caitlyn, 66 (formerly known as Bruce) quashed such suggestions by saying she would like to date a man.

However, after an onlooker caught them ‘passionately kissing’ in a beauty salon in Marina del Rey, California, two weeks ago, Now can reveal the pair have fallen for each other and are secretly dating.


An eyewitness said: ‘Caitlyn and Candis were filming in the Ulta Beauty salon and in between breaks they were all over each other, holding hands and passionately kissing.

‘There is absolutely NO doubt they’re an extremely passionate item. When a fan asked for a picture, they became very possessive and refused.

‘Candis is stunning so why wouldn’t Caitlyn be more than interested?’ continued the source.
‘They were like an old married couple. They have obviously spent a lot of time together and are very familiar with each other.’

It’s not the first time the pair has been seen flirting up a storm with each other. On July 8 last year, Candis was spotted massaging Cait’s shoulders ‘nonstop’ at PH-D club in New York. Then in August, the former Olympian took Candis, 44, to Los Angeles gay club – The Abbey – where she put a few dollar bills in Candis’ bra.

Candis hinted there could be romance, saying: ‘I think she’s attracted to women because she’s married to a woman three times and she’s lived her whole life with women.’

Caitlyn has publicly declared her feelings, saying: ‘Candis is great and we have a whole lot of fun.’

Back with the gang

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Meanwhile, Candis classes herself as a single woman after several failed relationships with men, so the timing is right for the dynamic duo to make a go of it.

Insiders say that the whole of Caitlyn’s family – including her ex-wife Kris Jenner – know about the romance, and even claim it has been going on since before Bruce Jenner announced his sex change to the world.

There are photos of Candis hanging out with Kim and Kris in December 2014, long before ‘Caitlyn’ came into existence, while Kim met Candis at Elton John’s 2011 Oscar party and at a gay event in NY back in 2009.

In October last year, Kris was heard on camera asking her ex about whether she’s dating Candis, Caitlyn just laughed leaving a bemused Kris to mumble: ‘Um, OK.’

A source close to the family tells Now: ‘This has been going on for a while now. Caitlyn clung to Candis like a liferaft in those early days of her relaunch and now she can’t live without her.

‘Everyone in the family knows, which is why there was some confusion over her saying she’d like to date a guy, but she and Candis are a couple – a totally co-dependent and dysfunctional couple, but a couple nonetheless.

‘They’ve worked out who’s the boss in the relationship and it’s Candis, for sure. Caitlyn’s relationship situation is being very controlled by her TV show and Candis.

‘When they left they finished filming at Ulta Beauty, they shared the same limo. A driver said they were headed back to Caitlyn’s home in Malibu. They spend a lot of time there but it’s very under the radar.’